Dr Christiaan Roos

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Senior Consultant Dr Christiaan Roos

PhD (Auditing) CEH CISA | MCom (Computer Auditing) Cum Laude | BSc. Hons (Information Systems) | BCom (Accounting)

Christiaan is an experienced Cyber Security, IT Audit and Data Analytics Specialist. He has more than 20 years experience in the banking and telecommunications industry. He has managed audit teams of various team sizes ranging from three to fifteen.

He has managed audit teams of various team sizes ranging from three to fifteen resources and recently headed up the cyber security audit team at one of the top 5 banks in South Africa. He has extensive experience in the fields of internal auditing, IT auditing, continuous auditing, cyber security, ethical hacking, vulnerability management, threat intelligence, corporate information security functions, data analytics, IT governance, data architecture and cloud governance. Through almost daily interaction with Barclays Internal Audit, he has gained extensive exposure to international working practices in IT auditing, world-class cyber security operations and data analytics. He has managed and been involved in various technical IT reviews. He is respected as a Cyber and information security specialist, in many African countries, as well as in the UK.

Christiaan has presented at several seminars and conferences on topics such as IT governance, ethical hacking, cyber security, and continuous auditing. He has lectured on IT auditing, continuous auditing, ethical hacking and cyber security.

Christiaan has a real passion for cyber security. Christiaan has done extensive research into the responses to the hacking threat in the South African banking sector as part of his doctoral studies. The research covered a broad spectrum of disciplines, including corporate governance, IT governance, risk management and information security. He has extensive knowledge on ethical hacking practices and managing cybercrime threats. He has a particular strength of putting theory into practice, often involved in ground breaking initiatives.

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