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As a company we define consultancy as the creation of value for your organisation, through the application of knowledge transfer techniques and assets to improve performance value. This is achieved through the rendering of objective advice and / or the implementation of business solutions. Our consultants are experts or professionals in a specialist field with a wide knowledge of a particular subject area.

Our Consultants

Marshall is the Chief Architect of Jasper Global Corporation and he is supported by a great team of gifted “Business Systems and Knowledge Engineering Experts”. As leaders of a professional teams each of Our Senior Knowledge Engineers have specialist team members who work with them and who provide the ability to scale up or scale down projects depending on a clients unique requirements.

Dr Marshall Potts

Senior Consultant Dr Marshall Potts Phd – MSc – B.A.Hons M Inst LM – MCIPD – MIBC – MIMC With…

Manjit Biant

Senior Consultant Manjit Biant MSc Financial Management CIMA, CGMA Manjit is one of our Investment, Securities and Finance specialists he…

Dr Christiaan Roos

Senior Consultant Dr Christiaan Roos PhD (Auditing) CEH CISA | MCom (Computer Auditing) Cum Laude | BSc. Hons (Information Systems)…

Juan Carlos Venegas

Senior Consultant Juan Carlos Venegas CIPFA (Afill) AAIA ACPA CFC ICFS FCFIP Juan Carlos is a highly experienced accountant, certified…

Margaret Stewart

Senior Consultant Margaret Stewart MSc Ba.hons Dip.BA Margaret studied accountancy at Glasgow University and then joined Ernst and Whinney now…

Malcolm Sullivan

Senior Consultant Malcolm Sullivan MSc in Real Estate Investment & Finance Malcolm has had a career in the financial services…


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