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Organisations are constantly under pressure to reinvent themselves due to volatile market changes, competition, regulatory and compliance pressures, and customer expectations.

Our consultants assist in transforming businesses by unlocking creativity and innovation, and by driving corporate performance. Today’s business landscape demands a responsive, flexible set of systematic processes.

Business consulting indicates both the industry and practice of helping organisations improve their performance primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans and people for improvement. Organisations hire the services of our business consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external (and objective) advice and access to the consultants’ specialised expertise and wisdom.

We are working with leaders who acknowledge that in today’s environment, things simply move too fast for one-off solutions to keep pace.

We believe the traditional consulting model of solving for static, knowable issues will continue to experience problems. In its place, a model will arise that focuses on creating the right procedural and behavioural internal conditions for the creation of adaptive organizations.

Our Management consultants will “get their hands dirty” and develop a closer marriage with corporate education; they increasingly consider deliverables to be the actual functioning of a client organisation instead of a report. Our consultants provide thoughts and execution, not just the former.

We are also independent specialist consultancy  focusing on strategic and technical issues in the oil, gas and petrochemicals industry. Formed in 1996, head-quartered in Dominica and with offices in London, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong, our in-depth knowledge of the industry combined with extensive technical and commercial experience enables us to guarantee that all our services are delivered to the very highest standards.

If consultants have the right expertise, they can be nested in the process of creating and implementing what right looks like for a client’s communication, empowerment and leadership approach. Doing so will help organizations fix themselves and assume their own position of continuous adaptation – becoming the right thing at the right time.

Along with our consulting expertise we provide a full range of training and educational programs in support of some of the largest international business sectors.

Service One: Measuring Strategic Performance

Strategic Winning Insights


This diagnostic provides CEO’s with the perfect formula to assess their organisation against the Winning organizations of today. It is targeted at those people who know most about their organisation’s performance and provides them with accurate information about where to focus their resources for future success.

Using our unique style of reporting, we enable you to accurately identify the “Opportunity Gaps” within your organisation, allowing you to quickly locate the areas that require specific attention to improve management, practices and performance.


It is used by CEO’s, Health Authorities, Government Bodies, Private and Public Sector Companies, Not-For-Profit Organizations, Senior Change Agents, Quality and Improvement Executives and Firms of Consultants.

It should be used to ascertain an organisation-wide analysis of performance and sustainability.


Easily and quickly compare your practices (and optionally benchmark) and your organisational performance to other organisations who have consistently performed above-average.

Improve overall organisational sustainability and performance by targeting and focusing strategies and actions on key priority areas, as identified by the “Opportunity Gaps” in each of the nine dimensions of the framework, plus topics specific to your organisation. Identify opportunities to improve your organisation’s performance, by focusing on the strategies and actions on key areas of importance, as identified through expert analysis of the quantitative and qualitative feedback from the diagnostic analysis.

The winning insights framework provides managers with a rigorous, comprehensive, challenging but practical framework assessment to improve organizational practice and performance.


Service Two: Modelling Strategy


Business Model DNA is a collaborative visual strategic management modelling tool which allows us to develop and sketch out new or and enhance existing business models. There are many ways to conceptualise your business, however building on the work of Osterwalder, the Strategic Business Model DNA provides a single detailed comprehensive reference framework.


Offering by considering the value proposition, the products and services a business offers Competitor analysis compares performance compared to competitors especially from the viewpoint of key customer segment

Infrastructure by considering the key activities, those activities necessary to execute the business model; key resources, those necessary to create value for customers and partner network, the business alliances which complement other aspects of the business model.

Customers by considering the customer segments, which target audience for products and services; customer channels, how we deliver key products and services and customer relationships including customer relationship management.

Finances by considering the business cost structure and the revenue streams required.


Business Model DNA can be used for any business model or new venture planning activity, including for example, looking at:

  • new products
  • new revenue streams
  • new target customer segments
  • new business units
  • partnerships and strategic alliances

The Business Model DNA is flexible being easily amended to model and refine options and test alternative scenarios.

The Business Model DNA allows for the generation of different business models; to test different hypothesis and their impacts across the business as well as a way to model the results once each option has been tested and measured.



Service Three: Tactical Mapping

Dynamic Strategic Tactical Mapping System DSTMS

DST MAPP is a collaborative visual planning process that provides a simple and effective way to plan any business activity. Regularly used to develop top-level strategies, DSTM can also be applied to any multi-decision process where ownership of implementation is dispersed and hard to monitor.

  1. Lack of commitment and buy-in
  2. Poor communication
  3. Insufficient tracking

DSTMS addresses each of these issues directly, enabling planning teams to collaborate throughout the process using a common interface. DSTM explicitly links strategic planning to tactical implementation which reduces delivery risk.

DSTMS is our second business improvement tool of three and compliments our Business Model DNA.


DSTMS already has a network of hundreds of organizations and trusted advisers who use the system.

As a DSTMS content provider, one of the most challenging tasks is the process of getting your knowledge out of your head (or wherever else it is stored) and captured. The DSTMS process focuses on breaking up your experience and knowledge of a complex process into smaller, easy to access, steps that can be understood by someone else who does not have your insight.


We recommend that as a first step you create a primary level of content which will involve identifying the name of the step and then giving it a short description of a couple of sentences and asking a single question of the reader. There are two other levels of detail you can progress to once you are happy with the first step. There is no rule as to how many decisions make up an ideal content set. Some sets have up to 100 decision steps and others less than 30.


DSTMS is both a physical and a digital planning system. In its physical form DSTMS allows a team to build a plan together around a table, allocating responsibility and agreeing key steps together. DSTM splits any planning activity down into its component parts, focuses the team on addressing each of the components in turn and then enables them to construct a new workable plan from only those components that are relevant to their situation.


Service Four: Behavioural Risk Managemnt

Dynamic Organizational Behavioural Assessment Management System D.O.B.A.M.S

Make the invisible visible. Understand the true performance & risk picture before it’s too late”

“Stop auditing the past by ticking boxes. Start understanding the future by assessing behaviour”

When things go wrong it’s unusual for the system to fail it’s more likely to be a people and behaviour failure. Behavioural Based Risk Management is a little known but important aspect in business excellence dedicated to identifying risk with the aim of preventing unintended events from taking place.

This new type of risk management is future predictive not retrospectively auditing after the event and correcting past incidents and mistakes. It allows you to prevent potentially expensive human, business, financial, insurance and brand reputation dangers from occurring.

The Dynamic Organizational Behavioural Risk Management System (DOBAMS) and our system of training is a unique protected by copyright and patented risk system. D.O.B.A.M.S has been developed to collect, analyse and understand risk behavioural indicators. Through automatic and consistent analysis, it identifies these much more difficult to identify risks to the achievement of what counts.
By analysis of unexpected events, be they minor health & safety incidents or failures on the scale of BP’s Deep Horizon disaster, HSBC Bank and RBS the costs associated with not identifying these are staggering. More importantly, usually there are indicators that existed that could (should) have been picked up and acted upon to stop the event from ever occurring. So why are these so seldom identified in advance? It’s rarely because people don’t care or are incompetent, but usually due to a combination of often subtle changes to people’s behaviour, leading to eventual performance and system failure. Picking up these changes is usually beyond the ability of current methods of risk analysis, auditing or performance management tools.


Among the many priorities organizational leaders face, ensuring long term survivability must be of paramount concern. Whilst satisfying key stakeholders is a prime requirement, doing this in such a way that will avoid corporate liability is tantamount to achieving longevity within the business arena, protecting damage to their brand, damaging litigation and severe financial damage.

Behavioural risk training is one of the most important ways of mitigating against these damaging consequences associated with corporate failure. We have all seen from the BP Deep Horizon disaster a company which should have all of the most up to date protection systems they all failed at the end of the day. As the detail emerges we are sure that the problems will lie at the very heart of human failure in behaviour, it is highly unusual for the blame to be apportioned to system failure alone. However humans are also integrated corporate systems. It will not be surprising to know that most good companies as well as organizations lay down a lot of emphasis on training employees on its risk practices and assess the likelihood of risks becoming reality.

Any company can benefit in different ways if they enforce the code of behavioural risk training amongst its employees. This training on risk management will reduce various kinds of legal implications and liabilities. Insurance companies are likely to look favourably on any system which can demonstrate that it is reducing its liability.

D.O.B.A.M.S is a new approach to risk reduction training and the system can also be deployed to constantly measure behavioural risk in a multitude of scenarios. More

Service Five: Economic Crime and Risk Mitigation

Due Diligence Service:

Due diligence is usually associated with mergers and acquisitions. However with the continually changing financial environment and the rapidly increasing legislation in relation to financial fraud, ensuring that an organisation is operating to the standards required by law now need more diligence that ever before.

Only one lapse in diligence can be catastrophic in todays’ media orientated business environment as so recently demonstrate by a large global supermarket brand.

  • a systematic and question-orientated service about how far organisational policy should go in terms of balancing company security and integrity with other factors.
  • partnership risk assessment and provides a set of risk based assessment products.
  • traces company assets on an assignment basis
Investigation Service:

Discovering large scale or even small scale fraud within an organization will require an investigation in order to satisfy a range of stakeholders ranging from HR for staff to the Serious Fraud Office. Professional investigation is a skill not often found within managerial skills sets and in times of crises, it is often better to employ an outside impartial and objective party to ensure the integrity of the investigation and subsequent report and recommendations.

The Jasper Global Corporation Investigations Service is a totally independent and impartial service. Our forensic investigation capability and expertise provides confidence to all our clients when establishing evidence and facts to a standard that can be to be presented in a court of law.

We enter a case with an ‘open mind’, meaning that we have an ethical business protection and outcomes approach – but equally we are capable of working with corporate clients, carrying out thorough investigations.

If required, we can confidently identify areas where money laundering and other business-critical fraud scenarios may be present or susceptible, including cyber-crime.

Special Projects:

Fraud is always complex, multi-layered and often frustration. It very rarely falls within one person’s area of expertise.

This is why we developed Jasper Global Corporation’s Special Projects Service, a holistic service that is designed to avoid ‘pigeon-holing’ and superficial responses – to fit exactly with an operational or business scenario.

With a flexible and efficient approach, we assess and advise if the enquiry / assignment concerned requires a combination of two or more of the main services, and then are proportionately, applied and resourced, to support clients

Service Six: Cyber (the People) and Technology (the software and hardware)

Consultancy Cyber and Technology:
  1. Digital Forensics
  2. Cyber Incident Response
  3. Cyber Security Consultancy

An important aspect of the Jasper Global Corporation Centre for Cyber and Economic Crime is its role as a trusted, independent source of help and advice. The Jasper Global Corporation Centre for Cyber and Economic Crime offers a range of services backed up by state of the art facilities and expertise born out of research and development along with subject matter expertise from the provision of education and training. The Jasper Global Corporation Centre for Cyber and Economic Crime contributes to the development of national and international cyber security standards, and advises government and other organisations through our membership of a wide variety of groups and professional bodies.

Digital Forensics and Expert Witness

Digital forensics (sometimes known as digital forensic science) is a branch of forensic science encompassing the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation to computer crime.

Digital forensics investigations have a variety of applications. The most common is to support or refute a hypothesis before criminal or civil (as part of the electronic discovery process) courts. Forensics may also feature in the private sector; such as during internal corporate investigations or intrusion investigation (a specialist probe into the nature and extent of an unauthorized network intrusion).

The technical aspect of an investigation is divided into several sub-branches, relating to the type of digital devices involved; computer forensics, network forensics, forensic data analysis and mobile device forensics. The typical forensic process encompasses the seizure, forensic imaging (acquisition) and analysis of digital media and the production of a report into collected evidence.

As well as identifying direct evidence of a crime, digital forensics can be used to attribute evidence to specific suspects, confirm alibis or statements, determine intent, identify sources (for example, in copyright cases), or authenticate documents. Investigations are much broader in scope than other areas of forensic analysis (where the usual aim is to provide answers to a series of simpler questions) often involving complex time-lines or hypotheses.

Cyber Incident Response

Knowing how to triage and respond to a cyber attack is not a skill that is widely known or taught. The Jasper Global Corporation Centre for Cyber and Economic Crime provides expertise to assist in containing and responding to all forms of cyber attack. Incident response is not confined to dealing with just the information systems. To respond fully to an incident will require coordination with many departments such as HR, Communications, and Call Centres etc. The Jasper Global Corporation Centre for Cyber and Economic Crime ability to include non-technical staff as part of a response team ensures a complete capability to assist you in managing any incident.

Cyber Security Consultancy

The skills and expertise of the Jasper Global Corporation Centre for Cyber and Economic Crime staff allow us to provide consultancy and advice on all aspects of Cyber Security. Whether your requirement is for a security awareness programme, risk assessment or for development of a complete Cyber Security Strategy, we have the skills and expertise to provide a completely vendor agnostic service unmatched by many traditional suppliers.

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