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Jasper International Consulting focuses consultancy services upon Human Capital Improvement systems. As a company, we define consultancy as the creation of value for your organisation, through the application of knowledge transfer techniques and assets to improve performance value. This is achieved through the rendering of objective advice and / or the implementation of business solutions. Our consultants are experts or professionals in a specialist field with a wide knowledge of a particular subject area. Specialist consultants work for Jasper Global Corporation through our subsidiary brands and companies. Thus, our clients have access to operative field specialists and a deeper level of expertise than would usually be feasible for them to retain in-house. We don’t deploy inexperienced graduates to deliver a highly technical job as many large consultancy practices do. We have a large range of experienced education and business design architects.

Our Service Values

We apply six principal values which underpin all the work we undertake for our clients across all of the sectors and disciplines we operate in:

  • Our Professionals are: Reliable, Honest,
    Knowledgeable, Informative, Experts and Masters in their Fields.
  • Our Responsiveness is: Engaging, Consultative,
    Adaptable, Flexible and Committed.
  • Our Collaborative nature: Independently
    Thinking, Friendly, Open, Transparent, Supportive and Inclusive.
  • Our Ambitions are: Challenging, Motivating,
    Creative, Innovative, Developing and Driven by Purpose.
  • Our People are: Diverse, Global Operating,
    Multi-cultural, Multi-sector, Multi-disciplinary and with Mutual Respect.
  • Our Team is: Supportive of each other and work
    together, which fosters a caring approach in everything we do.

We invest heavily in ensuring our teams are fully trained, professional and consistent to enable them to deliver a first class service in line with our internal principle values.

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